The judge and the monk

A Muslim judge invited once an Orthodox monk to his house. It was the time for dinner and after the family of the judge sat down at the table with their guest, the judge asked the monk:

`Kind man, please enlighten me. I am a Muslim and I try to live my life according to the law of my religion. I judge as rightfully as possible every case, I don`t receive any bribe, I feed the poor, I pray and fast as much as I can. In everything I do I am trying to live my life honestly and according to the will of God. If I continue in this way, won`t I inherit the Kingdom of Heaven?

The monk impressed by the virtues of the Muslim asked him:

`Dear judge, do you have children?`

`I have`, said the judge.

`But do you have any servants in your house?`

`Yes, of course, I have servants.`

`Tell me, please, who listens to you better your children or your servants?`

`My servants of course. They notice my slightest wish and are ready to fulfill it without hesitation. But my children are sometimes disobedient and stubborn. Sometimes I don`t get along with them because they disregard my will, said the judge smiling.

`Despite this, when you grow old and die who will inherit you, your children or your servants? continued the monk with his questions.

`My children, of course`, exclaimed the Muslim.

`You see, dear judge, it is the same thing with the Kingdom of Heaven. You can be an exemplary servant, but only the sons are the heirs. And the only way to gain the spiritual adoption is through Jesus Christ, the Son of God begotten from the Holy Spirit and the Holy Virgin Mary by the will of the Father. Saint Paul, the Apostle writes in his Epistle to the Galatians saying:`

`Wherefore you are no more a servant, but a son and if you are a son, you are a heir of God through Christ` (Galatians 4, 7).


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