From the Patericon of the Theotokos

A little bit higher from the port of the skete of Saint Anne it starts a narrow way, with many steps, which leads to the Minor Skete of Saint Anne. Beneath the hut where lived the famous elder Sava, the traveler finds hung in a tree a small icon of the Holy Mother of God, that was put there by a pious monk after he had been saved in a miraculous way from falling into the abyss. Aforetime a monk used to go there and lit the light that was burning in a closed lamp.

One day the monk Meletios who was coming from Katunakia loaded with different victuals was passing by the place. He was accompanied by another monk, Theodosius, from the Monor Skete of Saint Anne. On the way father Meletios kept on saying the ~Hail Mary prayer~, because it’s so well-known how much the Theotokos is worshipped by the monks from the Holy Mountain.

At a certain moment he felt an invisible force pushing him to the abyss. The monk lost his balance and felt how he was falling from the narrow path towards the abyss, from a height of 4 meters, with all the load he was carrying on his back. In his fall he clung to the trunk of a tree. He did not suffer the slightest scratch. It is worth mentioning that he didn’t stop saying his prayer.

Because he was protected and kept unharmed by the Most Holy Mother of God, father Meletios made an icon representing Her, with a light inside a lamp placed before her and put it in the place of the accident. He had made that as a testimony for all the travelers who passed by that place about the omnipotence and glory of God and of His Immaculate Mother and for ensuring they would be protected by the Holy Mother of God on that precipitous path.

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