Salvation – The way of the soul towards GOD

God is kind. He wants salvation for all of us. If it were to be redeemed only a few, then why Christ would have been crucified? The gate of heaven is not narrow. It wide enough for all the people who bow themselves humbly and are not swollen with pride. If only they repented, meaning to give to Christ the burden of their sins, then afterwards they would be able to pass through the gate very easily.

Then we have the justification that we are made of dust, we are not only spirits, like the angels. But we have no answer to give if we do not repent and we do not approach humbly our Savior. The robber from the cross said only a Forgive me and he was redeemed. (Luke 23, 40-43) The man`s salvation depends on a second, not a minute. He is redeemed even with a single humble thought while if he receives a thought of pride, he loses everything.

We must seek salvation ony through magnanimity. There is non greater pain for God than to see the man in hell. I think if we have gratefulness for the numerous blessings given by God and a humble behavior and love for His images – our fellow men – together with some ascetic endeavours made with nobleness, it is enough to have our soul in peace in this life and the afterlife

*taken from“Spiritual Awakening II” – Pious Paisios the Athonite, Words of Wisdom ( Evanghelismos Publishing, București – 2017).

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