Why going to the church ?

Priest Iulian Rata

A member of a Church who had gone regularly to the religious services before stopped going. After a few weeks the priest decided to visit him at home, so he went to find him…

He found the man at home in front of his fireplace where the fire was burning. The man understood what was the purpose of that visit, so he invited the priest to sit down and brought him a chair. The priest sat at his ease but did not say a word. After a few minutes ofn silence the priest took the tongs and picked up carefully some embers which he put aside. Then he sat on his back in his chair still silent.

The host watched all this being curious to find out the meaning of that, but after the intensity of the flame from the embers put aside diminished, the fire went away.

They did not say a word just watched both of them the whole scene.

When the priest got ready to leave he took the dead embers  and put them back in the fire and they started to shine again with light and heat from the burning coal.

When the priest reached the door to leave his host said just this: Thank you very much for your visit and especially for your preach. I`ll come back to the church next week.

Preserve the brightness from your life!

Go to the church as often as you can.

Source: http://www.ortodoxia.md/

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