Knowledge and behaviour

An illiterate knows more than a literate townsman imagines. God teaches him.

A literate townsman knows less than an illiterate peasant imagines. His pride diminishes his knowledge.

Learn what you want and know what you can; but know one thing: good behavior is always more valuable than too much knowledge.

The learned man dressed in prison clothes inspires disgust but the illiterate dressed in prison clothes inspires compassion.

When it is revealed that a learned man committed a bad deed on the lips of everyone stays the same question : how this man could know so many things but could not learn two basic things : to be afraid of God and honor people?

Learn what you want and know what you can; but one thing you must not learn at all – to use in an evil way your knowledge. Many times it was said that it is preferable not to know rather than to know and use in a bad way your knowledge!

Excerpt from Thoughts about good and evil– Saint Nicholas Velimirovich,  Predania.

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