Born without ears

`Now can I see my baby?` the mother asked gleefully.

When the baby was put in her arms she lifted gently the small blanket which covered him and she lost her breath.

The doctor turned his eyes, looking on the window. The baby had been born without ears.

Time proved that the hearing sense of the baby was flawless. Only his look was different.

One day the child came back from school in a rush throwing himself in his mother`s arms. She sighed knowing that his life would be a ceaseless thread of disappointments and sadness.

`What happened, dear ? ` she asked him.

With tears flowing down on his cheek the child said:

`An elder boy told me that I am strange.`

The boy grew up and he was very handsome. Many girls liked him. But he wanted to be perfect – he didn`t accept he had no ears. One day his father went to the doctor to ask him if something could have been done about that.

`I guess we could try an ear transplant, but it is difficult to find a donor`, the doctor said.

In that situation his family started to search the person disposed to make this sacrifice for the young man. After two years there was no result. Then the miracle happened.

`Son, we have a surprise for you, said the father. We can go to the hospital. I and your mother found someone who will give you the ears you wish so much. But nobody knows who this generous person is.

Time passed, the young man married and professionally he reached success. But he never forgot the sacrifice made by that mysterious person.

`I want to know who was so generous with me. I want to help him as I can, the man said.

`I don`t think you can help him`, the father said. Our agreement was to keep his anonymity. You must not know it yet.`

The years passed and the parents grew old. One day the man received a phone call from his father; the woman who gave birth to him had left this world. Near the bed of his mother, the father looked his son in the eye and after that he reached with his hand the face of his mother and lifted her brown long and thick hair …The woman had no ears.

When she decided to do this for you she said she was so happy she had not cut her hair, the father said with tears in his eyes. Nobody considered her ugly, isn`t it?

Our outward look will wither one day and the body will become decrepit as a coat forgotten in the rain. Despite this fact another kind of beauty will remain for ever hidden in the depth of the heart. A beauty which won`t ever know the sunset, the old age or death. The beauty of the kind man, with his soul smelling of fresh bread and basil.

`How beautiful you are, my dear, and without any stain` (Song of songs 4:7)

Source: Facebook – Priest Ioan Bădiliță.

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