The men are helpless before death – Saint Iustin Popovici

Saint Iustin Popovic

The men are helpless before death as the mosquitoes. For what thing do the men boast? For richness, knowledge, philosophy and culture? But all these are useless because we are enslaved by death. Every man is the slave of fear and death. Is it possible for a man to live this life joyfully? No, it is not possible. The man who will search himself deeply and will seriously think about death as the last halt of this life, one like this has no joy for this life, there is no delight for him in it. All the delights are a delusion if death is for me and for you the last halt in this world.

Who brought death in this world? What else but the sin? Unfortunately, the man has this shameful role of this life, of bringing the sin, the death and the devil in this world. Neither the tigers nor the foxes committed this only the man. For this reason the man is a creature who is shamed before all the animals, birds and plants. The man must be ashamed and ask apologies from every bird because he brought death in this world. He brought death to the birds, animals and plants.

Everything is subject to decay and die. But until when? Until the Resurrection of the dead when the Lord shall judge the world and when instead of the old earth there will be a new one and everything will become immortal. And we don`t have any idea how all this will be done, we can`t even comprehend it with our mind. This is the good news of our Lord, Jesus Christ.


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