Peace of soul

At a dinner, there was an atheist among the guests – a bad, faithless man, who asked at a certain moment the Christian next to him:

“How do you know that God forgave you for your sins or that He listens to your prayers, when in fact you don’t see anything from all these?”


“But you, how do you know that you have sugar in the tea you’re drinking now?”

“How do I know? I feel its taste.”

“So you know that you have sugar in your tea even if you don’t see it. In the same way I feel the love of God in my heart. My soul, burdened with sins feels relieved by the power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Liturgy, the Holy Confession, the prayers elevate my soul which finds its peace only in God. Love cannot be seen with the bodily eyes, only with the spiritual ones.”

“When we reached love, we reached God.” (Saint Isaac the Syrian)


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