Why don`t you write something, your holiness?

Once a cleric visited him and discussed with him on different topics. The meeting lasted enough time. In the end the visitor asked him:

`Father Epiphanios, do you give me the blessing to publish what we discussed ?`

`Yes, of course, father`.

After a period of time the starets received the booklet of the above mentioned cleric. He had forgotten about that meeting and about what the cleric had told him. Being elated after reading the booklet, called the sender on the phone and told him:

`Father, congratulations for your book. I found it very useful.`

But father Epiphanios, don`t you remember?`


`All the words are yours.`

He reminded him about their discussion.


`Father, a monk asked him, why don`t you write something, your holiness, about this ecclesiastic matter? They all wrote about it.`

`What to write, my son ? he said smiling. They all recorded me. Whenever I say something or discuss with somebody about a matter I see it the very next day published in an article. It has no importance. It is enough if the ideas and the reasons I want appear, even if they are without my name.

Excerpt from the book Fragments of life – Archimandrite Epiphanios Teodoropulos, Evanghelismos Publishing.

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