The strong souls

It is not enough for the man to have the power of will or the strength of feeling or the force of thinking; not even altogether are enough without an enlightened purpose.

What`s the use of the speed of the feet and of the strength of the lungs if being afraid of him he is avoided by everyone and nobody wants his help?

Clad in the darkness of the night the powerful and whirling natural forces inspire fear to the traveler; but when they are lit by the morning sun the traveler befriends them.

This is how the so called strong souls are. Clad in the darkness of self-love and vanity they become feared by men and the nature around them. But clad in the divine light they become springs of joy for all those around them.

Hail is stronger than rain; however hail has no friend on earth.

Excerpt from Thoughts about good and bad – Saint Nicholas Velimirovich, Predania Publishing.

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