A sad pupil

While standing before the children from the 5th grade, on the first school day, madam M told the children a lie: that she loved them all equally.

However this thing was not possible, first of all because in the first row hidden in his desk was the boy called Gheorghe A.

Madam M watched  Gheorghe in the previous year and noticed he didn`t play with the other children and his clothes were untidy and he was dirty almost all the time.

Gheorghe could be nasty. Madam M reached that level when she enjoyed writing on his test papers with a red pencil a big bold X and give him four.

At the school where madam M taught she had to review all the characterizations of the pupils and she purposefully left Gheorghe the last.

But when she opened his file she was surprised to see that the teacher from the first year had written: `He writes carefully his homework, he has good manners and it is a pleasure to be around him.`

The teacher from the 2nd grade had written : `Gheorghe is an excellent pupil, appreciated by his colleagues but he is troubled by the fact that his mother suffers of an incurable disease and his life from home must be very hard.`

The teacher from the 3rd grade had written : `The death of his mother affected him a lot. He tries his best but his father doesn`t care and the climate from home will affect him soon if nothing changes.`

The teacher from the 4th grade had written : Gheorghe is reserved  and he is no more interested in school. He doesn`t have many friends and sometimes he falls asleep during class. Madam M understood the problem and became ashamed of what she had done. She felt even worse when her pupils brought her Christmas presents tied with nice ribbons and nicely wrapped up in shiny paper, all except for Gheorghe.

His present was wrapped in common brown wrapping paper. Madam M found it difficult to open it before the others.

Some of the children started laughing when she discovered a bracelet which had some missing stones and a perfume bottle which was almost empty.

She admonished them and noticed the bracelet was nice and the perfume smelled nicely. Gheorghe remained after hours on that day to tell her: `Missis M today you are smelling exactly like mother.`

After the children left madam M cried for about an hour.

On that day she stopped teaching the children the reading, writing and arithmetic and started teaching them differently.

She gave a special attention to Gheorghe.

The more she worked with him his mind started to recover. The more she encouraged him, the better he reacted.

Until the end of the year Gheorghe became the smartest child from the class and despite of her promise to herself to love them all equally, he became her favourite.

One year later she found a letter from Gheorghe where he told her she was the best teacher he had ever had.

Seven more years passed until she received another sign from Gheorghe.

He wrote to her he graduated high school as the third in his class and she still remained the best teacher for him.

Five years later she received a letter from him saying that in a short time he was to graduate college with the best results. He assured her once more that she had been the best teacher.

Five years later she got another letter with the same message but the name of the sender was changed in dr eng Gheorghe A.

Then a new letter announced her he was about to marry. He told her his father had died a few years ago and asked her if she wanted to take part at the wedding and sit where it was the custom to sit the mother of the bridegroom.

Of course she accepted. She wore the bracelet with a few missing stones and used the same perfume she received long time ago from him.

They embraced each other and Gheorghe whispered into her ear : `Thanks for believing in me. Thanks for making me feel important and showing me I mean something.

Madam M whispered with tears in her eyes:

`You misunderstood it. You are the one who taught me I can change something. I had not known how to teach children before meeting you.`

You can never know how you can influence the life of the others by what you do or not do. Take this into account in your adventure through life and try to change in better something in the life of the others you meet in your way.

Nobody has the right to look down at another person unless he bends and stretches a hand to help that person stand up.

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