7 counsels of the Saint Martyrs Raphael, Nicholas and Irina

1. Do not let your soul wander through matter, in the perishable things of the world. Life has no value if we don`t take care of the soul. Therefore do not let yourself be led into delusion because in this way you lose your soul.

2. Christ`s path is with many troubles and pains.

3. Among your duties as Christians is to love your fellows and forgive them all the time. If you do this thing you will be filled with joy and have spiritual and physical health.

4. Always ask your Creator to forgive you. He knows all the hidden deeds and thoughts the people don`t confess probably because of shame or lack of courage to say the truth.

5. We heal those who believe in us and approach us with faith.

6. The merciful soul loves, helps, comforts, becomes a partaker of his brother`s suffering. He works for the spreading of the Gospel being driven by his love for the sinful.

7. Blessed is the man who follows Christ`s teaching. He is happy in this ephemeral life and in the afterlife, because the soul doesn`t perish at our death, but continues to exist.

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