The role of the Romanian people in God`s plan

Father Justin Pârvu

What I wish for our people ? I wish for it one thing, more important than anything. I wish for it to be a more united people, as this unity of ours maintained us from the first beginnings of our existence. Beginning with Bogdan, the founder of our Moldavia, through all the rulers, the families of Musatins, the families of our ancestors, a Matei Basarab, a Vasile Lupu, a Holy Stephen the Great – all of them preached this unity in Jesus Christ. Only in this way they won.

In our times Satan came with a lot of bad seeds and threw them in our Orthodox wheat

He sowed weeds day and night until we reached that state when until the last breath of the Romanians they don`t understand with each other and they don`t listen to one another anymore and they don`t unite with one another anymore. That is why we as a nation will survive only if this unity of ours will come back.

Let us pray and unite ourselves. Let us finally form a Romanian element and give it a hue which to be appropriate for the needs and time we are facing. Now this people is very distrustful. It doesn`t believe in anything. If you take a newspaper to skim it over you look at the conclusions and understand what it means. You see 2, 3 columns there and look only at the final 2,3 lines and with that you read the whole newspaper.

In the same way this man got bored of everything he has been told until not

Only after 50 years there may appear two or three generations for balance for understanding things to be able to say afterwards: We are reaching a crossroad. Where would this way we are walking lead to? Towards Rarău or Vatra Dornei? Where does it take us?. There i twill come the day when to say : `Look go on this way there it leads to The Cross and reaches Rarau.

Know that God gives wisdom to the people, He gives wisdom to the man, gives wisdom to be able to get out of the precipice. For this reason we have to create this unity, harmony and understanding. We have to speak the same language and believe in the same God and stand before a single Altar and then we can open a path. As always this path is not easy. Of course you won`t have at once 7000 people or 5 millions, but little by little know that there it is created a more and more powerful force due to the prayers you make as a creator of things and as a nation. Otherwise it can`t be done. You must appear before the man differently than what he had until now. I realized that with this people many things can be done. It is exceptionally nice to stand in its middle. You have nothing else to do than share its misery, difficulties and sufferings. It doesn`t need anything else but this and then it believes you.

Excerpt from Father Justin speaks to us.

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