Going to the church should become a holiday for the children

The children must get used to going to the church on every Sunday and religious holiday and behave suitably. Going to the church must become a holiday not a rare event. For not becoming a burden the parents who come to the church with their children will attend only a part of the holy service.

For instance we can leave from the Vespers after the anointment and we can come to the Liturgy of the believers increasing gradually the time spent at the church attending the holy service. It is good to tell the children about certain icons but being careful not to overload them with to much information. It is rather desirable to let them ask about the icons, the church and the moments of the holy services whenever they want. In order to get this result we must do everything is possible to make our stories attractive for them. Making a child understand the meaning of the prayer and of the church in the life of man depends a lot on the attitude the parents have towards these.

From priest professor Gleb Kaleda, The church from home,  Sophia Publishing, Bucharest, 2006, p. 65-66

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