The Decalogue of the Orthodox husbands

  1. Do not be like a teacher lecturing your husband. The best way to teach him is to love him as you love yourself to respect him and live fully the Orthodox faith.
  2. Marriage is a continous beautiful adventure helping us to discover our true self, the inner world of our husband and to know God humbly in the church from our house.
  3. We should accept our husband as he is, with his weaknesses and caprices not as we would like him to be. Family is like an arena, a place of struggle for our souls and the antechamber of heaven for the believers.
  4. Try to understand your husband. Don’t forget that the man think with his brain and is driven by a narrow logic while the woman thinks with her heart and is driven by feelings.
  5. Don’t try to impose your opinion and correct your husband. Better take care to correct yourself. Love exists harmonizing opposites and forgiving. Don’t get nervous, don’t get angry and don’t argue with each other.
  6. All the hardships of this ephemeral life are addressed and defeated with faith, patience and love.
  7. The worst enemy of the conjugal life is selfishness and debauchery. We are saved only by fighting against our selfishness and debauchery.
  8. The best example for our children is when the father loves their mother and their mother loves their father and when they see going together to the church and praying.
  9. The secret of the peace within the family is when someone is able to forgive, to love and confess his sins frequently.
  10. Marriage is a high sacrament that starts in the Church and is renewed by confession, by participation at the Holy Liturgy and the other sacraments of our Orthodox faith.

`Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.`

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