The Christian of nowadays

Monk Moses The Athonite

Nowadays the man seems to have forgotten and he doesn’t see anymore the deep meaning of life. He is much more interested in finding his daily bread and knowing the fluctuation of euro.

In these hard times we’ve talked and written about the main thing is the deep faith in God who gives to His believers trust, courage, comfort and hope. In the same time the fair interpersonal relationships based on a sincere friendship, peaceful conversation, generous zeal, kindness and compassion strengthen the man and they don’t let him drown in loneliness and be stricken by the storm of despair.

The troubled man needs not only his bread, he also needs to taste freedom, peace and love. It’s not a matter of moderated humanism and altruism but of expressing Christian sacrificial love.

I think that the needs of the human soul never cease. But these needs are not satisfied by an improvised preach, by routine well known advice said in a rush. That’s why the youth react and estrange of the Church. They don’t say they don’t want and reject its message, but are bothered by its aphoristic manner. And thus they become introverted and seek joy where they can never find it.

In this situation the young people become languid and they don’t want to raise, sometimes they don’t even want to have an elementary talk, because they were terribly disappointed. The church seems very strict and isolated, ready only to order, to forbid, to cause frightening guilts, to constraint and never listen to them. They come to reject the Church because it lacks understanding and is severe. The shameful troubles faced by some Church leaders make enough Christians estrange even more, especially the youth with good intentions.

There are enough men of the Church who avoid systematically the necessary self criticism and prefer cheap criticism instead. They compare themselves with the worst and they feel satisfied with themselves. They don’t take into account and don’t analyze the reasons why most of the people don’t listen to their preaches. I think that the main problem is not represented by the others but by ourselves.  It is quite necessary to descend from the top and speak friendly without looking too much at the watch. We should not be afraid of any questions and we should tae care what answers we give.

Un fortunately the Christian of nowadays hides within himself a great opinion about himself. He considers himself better than the others. But he is not that upright, sincere, pure and humble to think that about himself. Of course even today there are heroes of Christianity. They may be a minority but they exist for sure in the world and in seclusion. The Christian of nowadays will better help his fellow men by their living example, not by empty words without any content. The world changes. The times are demanding. The role of the Christian in our chaotic societies is extremely important. Let us not disappoint the world.

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