Why were you going in and out?

Some said about abba Moses from the skete that wanting to come to Petra he got tired of walking. And he said for himself:

`How can I gather water here?`

A voice came and told him:

`Go in and do not worry at all.`

So he got in and some monks came to him and he had only a small jug with water. He boiled some lentils and the water was over. The elder got upset. So going in and out he prayed to God and a cloud came over Petra and filled all his jugs.

After that they asked him :

`Tell us why were you going in and out?`

The elder told them:

`I was talking with God because He brought me here and I don`t have water to give to his servants to drink. For this I was going in and out praying to God until He sent us rain.

Excerpt from The Egyptian Patericon – Abba Moses the Moor

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