Prayer to Saint Andrew, the Apostle

Lord, our God, You Who said and the creature came to being do not turn away Your face from us the sinners so that the terrible and frightening fury of pains, which is the result of our sins, that we commit every day recklessly and countlessly,  won`t come against us

We are sinful and full of irrational passions, wretched and full of all wickedness and You are the spring of life and mercy; do not leave us, God; do not ignore our prayer, the prayer of the sinners and do not repay us according to our misdeeds but as we are not worthy to gain by our daily effort Your mercy give it to us God as a most merciful one.

For the prayers of Your Apostle Andrew give us health and life guarded of all evil.

For the sake of his remembrance from today, strengthen us with Your reigning Gift so that, from the depth of our hearts, joyfully, we may praise his celebration and give glory to Your Name forever. Amen

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