The Mystery of the Holy Trinity

A simple man was traveling on a country road accompanied by a priest. While talking about various issues, the man expressed his bewilderment:

“Venerable father I can’t understand how it is possible that in the Holy Trinity are three persons who make one.” “ How can the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit be three united, undivided persons, but without mixing with each other?”

“My son”, the priest answered patiently, “there are many things which are above our sinful mind.” “But what you say it’s not that hard to understand.” “Let’s look at the sun for example!” “Let’s say that the fireball which has been there for ages is the Father.” “Then let’s say that the light which comes from the sun is the Son, Jesus Christ, who came in the world to enlighten our life and free us from sin.” “Then the heat which comes from the sun and warms us let’s say that’s the Holy Spirit who by His Love warms our souls frozen by our wickedness.” “You see my son that the sun with its light and heat are the same thing, however these three remain distinct when we speak about each and every one?” “It’s the same with the Holy Trinity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are the One and Same God that we, believers, worship.”

“The man like all the other creatures and things is created by God out of His boundless Love.”

“But the man is a mere creature and his wisdom or powers cannot be compared with those of God.” “However the proud men commit a sin by daring to believe that there is nothing above them and that sooner or later everything is within their reach.” “But the faithful man knows that only love can embrace everything, not the mind nor the power.”


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