The shut window

Once a desperate man who was wandering over the hills which surrounded his native town met a shepherd who was tending his sheep. The shepherd saw that he had an inner trouble and asked him:

“What’s your trouble, my friend?”

“I am overwhelmed by loneliness.”

“I’m alone too, but feel no sadness at all”, the shepherd said.

“Maybe cause God is by your side”, the other one said ironically.

“You’re right”, the shepherd answered, ignoring his ironic tone. “Do you see our town?” “You see the houses, the windows?”

“Yes, I see them.”

“Then you shouldn’t despair”, the shepherd added. “The sun is only one but every window of the town, even the smallest and the most hidden one is bathing in sunlight each morning.” “You are rather despondent because your window remains shut close…”


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