The silence after the storm

”Sir, I am very confused by all these talks I hear daily about the existence of God.” ”What is your opinion?” a student asked his teacher.

”Have you ever seen a bee?” he answered. ”Have you ever heard its humming?” ”When it finds the nectar of flowers, sips it with all its power, stopping from its humming.” ”Do you see this vessel  in front of me?” ”I’m going to fill it with water.” ”Listen to the sound made by the water while filling it.” ”It will stop when the vessel is filled to the brim and then it pours out.” ”Have you seen how anxious is the baby who’s crying when he is hungry and he is looking for his mother’s breast?” ”And right after he finds it, he calms down, he rests and when he is full, falls asleep in her arms?”

”The same thing happens with the people.” ”The more ardent is their quest for God, the louder is the noise they make.” ”But when they find Him, they adore Him in silence”…

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