The eight lies of a poor mother

Surely, nothing compares with the love a mother feels for her child. Despite all hardships, mothers always manage to put the children on the first place in their life, even if they come on the last one.

In the following story a mother had to say several lies for raising her son in the best way possible. And now that the truth was found, her story became known by everyone.

Have you ever done anything like this for your children or would you ever do it, if it were necessary? If you think that mothers deserve only respect and admiration, read the story from below and you will change your opinion…

Everything started when I was a child. My family was very poor and we never had enough food. My mother always gave me her plate of food and told me: ”Eat this rice, my son, cause I am not hungry.” This was her first lie.

While I was growing , my mother spent her free time fishing in a river. Thus, with the fish she caught, she could offer me some better food for my growth.

When I was eating, my mother sat beside me and ate just the bits left on the bones. When I offered her from my food, she said: ”Eat your food, son. I don’t like fish.” This was her second lie.

Later, in order to  give me the chance to study, she looked for a second job and found one. She recycled some old cardboard boxes and from this she earned a little more money, that covered our needs. One winter night I woke and found her still working at the light of a small candle. I told her to go and rest but she said she was not tired. This was her third lie.

On the day I had the final exams, she asked permission for a leave from her work for coming with me.

She waited for me in the heat for many hours and when I finished , she came and brought me a bottle of cold water. I saw her tired out and told her to drink it herself. But her answer was: ”I am not thirsty, my son. You drink it to cool off yourself.” This was the fourth lie of my mother.

After the death of my father, my mother had to find a way to cover all our needs. The situation of my family got worse and unfortunately she suffered all the hardships. Some neighbours told her that she should remarry and rebuild her life from the beginning. But she said: ”I am not made for such things. I am an old woman with a child and I don’t need anybody’s affection.” This was the fifth lie of my mother.

After I finished my studies and started to work, for my mother it had come the time to rest, but she didn t want it. She went every day to the market and sold some greens, for covering her expenses. I was working away and every month when I got the salary, I made a parcel with food and other goodies for her. I added an envelope with some money and send  them all to her. But very often she kept everything except for the money. With the first opportunity she sent it back to me and wrote: ”My son, I don’t need money. Thanks God, I have enough for living. Keep it yourself, cause you are young and need it more.” This was the sixth lie of my mother.

After three years of work and post graduate studies a big company came in my way. They hired me and offered me a very good salary, sponsoring my Ph D degree I had been dreaming about for a lifetime.

Then I went back and told my mother that fate smiled on us. I asked her to come with me, to stop working and finally enjoy her last days of life. But she told me: ”Leave me in my own place, my son! I am fine. Try to make yourself a better life and don’t worry about me.” This was her seventh lie. At old age she got stomach cancer. But she did not tell me anything about it. One day I decided to go and see her, without announcing her beforehand. When I entered the house I immediately realized that there was something wrong. Old and tired, my mother was lying in bed. She tried to smile, but it was obvious that she made a huge effort.

Because of the way she looked at me I burst into tears. I could not bear it anymore. Then she looked at me and said: ”My son, don’t cry and don’t be upset, cause I am fine.”

And she was clasping my hand…This was her eigth lie and in that moment she closed her eyes for ever.

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