That is why you can`t make babies, my lady

Three years ago, before the pandemic hysteria a very distinguished lady came to me sent by a monk. She introduced herself then told me her problem. She could not make babies. I told her:

`At God everything is possible.`

She tried all kinds of treatments, allopathic, naturist, she went to monasteries, to fortune tellers. Then I stopped her.

`That is why you can`t make babies, my lady, because you invoke both God and the devil. Then God leaves at such a defilement.`

The woman sighed deeply.

`But father, I am desperate, I go wherever I see with my eyes, where a friend sent me.`

`My lady, God wants our salvation and our procreation. Make a good dtart, confess yourself completely and sincerely and commune with Christ. He is the One Who gives life to all creatures. Can`t He put a small and nice baby in your womb?`

The woman started crying.

`He can`t, father, as I have an infantile uterus and no baby can survive more than two or three months.`

`But He can, my lady. Here it is a severe canon of prayer: The Paraklesis of the Holy Mother of God, the Akathist of the Cerement of the Holy Mother of God, the Akathist of Saint Nicholas daily.

`Until when?`

`Until the baby comes. Certainly the sins of your ancestors and of your own are a heavy burden. I will pray for you too for 40 days without cease at all services. I will also ask two other priests who are my friends to pray for you too.

The woman left happily.

After forty days she came back deeply sunk in her thoughts.

`Father, I followed the canon and nothing happened.`

`How is that, nothing happened, you learnt how to pray. God is not a button you press, He is a person you must love with all your being.

The woman started crying again.

`There is no chance father, I give life only to dead babies. All the women in the world no matter how stupid they are, they hold their babies in their arms. Only I bury mine in earth.

I started crying too.

`Lady, you make dead babies because of the deadness from your soul, because of the perversions, anomalies, pride. Change your life and God will send you life.`

The woman made the canon with despair. After three months she wrote to me that she was pregnant again. I pray for her at Proscomidy…the servant of God with her unborn baby. She gave birth two a baby girl of a stunning beauty. She writes to me daily to thank me for that.

`Thank to God and to yourself that you changed your life.`

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