The butterfly, the teacher and the pupil

One day a pupil wanted to provoke his teacher and decided to set him a trap. He caught a butterfly and kept it in his fist. And if the teacher had found it then he would have asked him whether the butterfly was alive or dead. If he had answered that the butterfly was alive, then he would have killed it by squeezing tight his fist. And reversely. Thus when the teacher came in the class, the pupil approached him and stretching his arm, asked him in front of the other pupils:

“Teacher, what do I have in my hand?”

“Your soul, child!” answered the teacher undisturbed.

The pupil thought deeply for a while at the answer. He drew the conclusion that the teacher was right. The butterfly was a soul itself and it could have been his own one as well. However he went on:

“And is my soul alive or dead?”

The teacher looked him kindly in the eye and told him smilingly:

“It depends on you.” “Nothing can influence our soul unless we allow this to happen.”

The teacher from this story is God Himself and the child – each one of us, while the butterfly is our soul. The story makes you ponder and take your decisions based not on something ostensible, but in the interest of your soul. You are the one who decides, it depends on you if you go forward and even become an example to be followed or you would stay in the same place.

Only God can fulfill yourself inwardly. Only God can make you feel complete as a human being. Only if you have Him as your companion on your journey, you have everything. If you have everything except Him, then I am sorry to tell you, but you must know that you don’t have anything at all and you will try hard all your lifetime to find something which to fulfill you, to satisfy you. No matter what you would do, no matter how many things you would gain, if you don’t have God as your Father and Teacher, then right after you get something new, you’ll feel empty.

You are the one who doesn’t want it and you don’t chase the things that would make you feel fulfilled as a human. When you have God you will feel that you don’t miss anything anymore. It only depends on you…


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