In the bookcase

A Christian came at the Faculty of Theology to speak with a well known professor.

`Father, I wish you would tell me some titles of rare religious books as I tried to buy all the books of the Holy Fathers translated into our language from the fortune inherited from my parents.`

`What do you do with them, do you read them ?`

`No, father, I don`t have time to read as I have a job which keeps me busy.`

`Then what do you do with them ? Do you lend them to others?

`No, in no case, I don`t want them to be damaged.`

`But are they stamps to lose their value if they are crimpled? What do you do with them then?`

`I make collection. God sees that instead of wasting my money on entertainments, I use them for this passion of mine.`

`What can I say, my brother ? In your bookcase on the shelves there are the bread loaves which could have fed the poor, the medicine which could have helped the sick and the clothes which could have helped those who endure the cold. Sell the books and give the money for charity. When you buy a book, buy it to read it, not to be destroyed by worms. Otherwise you will be condemned by God…

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