Faith in life

Every day the people live and communicate between them rather through faith than through anything else.

At the restaurant the man dines with the faith that there is no poison in the food; he sleeps in his bed with the faith that under the pillow there are no scorpions; he receives the money at the market with the faith that it is not false; he buys matches from the grocery store with the faith they are not wet; he pays the carriage with the faith the coachman will take him where he needs; he travels by railway with the faith the mechanic is sane and doesn`t think of suicide.

The peasant saw the wheat with the faith the seed will sprout; the shepherd leads his flock to the pasture with the faith that the grass did not dry overnight.

The woman rushes with her pitcher to the spring with the faith water still flows from it.

The school exists based on the faith of the student in his teacher.

The state exists based on the faith of the citizen in citizen and authority.

Marriage exists based on the faith of the good will of both parties.

Friendship exists based on the faith in the sincerity of both parties.

Over half of our earthly life and our communication with people and with nature is based on faith.

Half of our best knowledge is pure faith.

Excerpt from Thoughts about good and evil– Saint Nicholas Velimirovich, Predania Publishing.

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