Between the endurance of pains and spiritual peace

Priest Octavian Mosin

Good thing is to be steadfast in the true faith that makes you overcome everything by means of hope and love, no matter how many troubles, pains and afflictions would be in your life and reach that much desired spiritual peace.

Our Lord, God of love, care, mercy and of all good does not allow to be tempted beyond the measure of our powers. God helps us face all trials, but we should toil in this fight with the evil, we should not just wait for the intervention of our Father.

Here’s what we’re taught by avva Dorotheos: ”Either we get something good from someone or suffer evil from someone, we ought to look up and thank God for everything happens to us,  permanently rebuking ourselves and saying like the Holy Fathers, when a good thing happens to us that it is a proof of God’s care and if something bad happens, our sins are to blame, for indeed anything we would suffer, we suffer it for our own sins.

Patience and peace, brothers, that we would reach with the help of God, by prayer. Only prayer strengthens us and helps us overcome all hardships and pains and makes us capable to reach the world of divine peace.

And those who want to acquire patience and live a life in spiritual peace should say the following prayer: ”Oh Lord, our God, who endured persecutions, mockeries and even death on the cross for our salvation, You who said   <In your patience possess you your souls>, show me the sinner your rich mercies and give me the spirit of patience, so that my tormented soul would find its solace.

See the despair that tempts me, see the trial I am facing and help me get out of it purified of all my sins and ready to serve you in all the days of my life and glorify Your holy name, singing with all the angels and saints: Hallelujah! ”


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