Some miracles of the holy relics of Saint Maria Magdalene, from the Holy Monastery Simonos Petras, The Holy Mountain

Saint Maria Magdalene

            A special place among the holy relics found in the Holy Monastery  Simonos Petras from the Holy Mountain is occupied by the left hand of the holy prude and equal to the Apostles, Maria Magdalene . This hand of the saint is incorrupt, with its skin and tendons and spreads a heavenly scent. Moreover, those who kiss it with piety and faith find that it’s warm.

            In the Holy Monastery Simonos Petras from the Holy Mountain, due to the numerous miracles made by the Saint until today, she is considered and revered by the monks as the second founder of the Holy Monastery.

But let’s see some of them:

In 1945, a big fire broke out in the forest of the Holy Monastery Iviron. The wind blew hard and in a few hours the fire reached the ridge of the mountain, where the forests of the monasteries Iviron, Filotheu and Xiropotamu neighbors ours. Everybody thought that the forests would be destroyed. The fathers of our monastery were announced in time and ran to the fire place.

Then the hieromonks Neofit and Panteleimon, moved by the great piety they had for the holy relics of the Saint, took them there.

Nobody could approach the fire, because he would have been in danger of being caught in by the burning flames.

Nevertheless – thanks to your miracles, oh, Christ, our Lord – as soon as the two priests approached the fire with the holy relics, the fire stopped and till they finished the service for blessing the water and the oratory dedicated to saint Maria Magdalene, the fire quenched completely, to the great amazement of the fathers gathered there.


            A similar miracle took place in the forest of the same monastery with the holy relics of saint Maria Magdalene in 1947.


            In 1911 in the locality Galatista near Thessaloniki some worms appeared and destroyed the plants. The people from that place asked from the monastery the holy relics of  Saint Maria Magdalene and immediately after the fathers finished the service for blessing the water, the worms disappeared.


            Likewise, in 1912, in the locality Epanomi near  Thessaloniki appeared a lot of locusts. Then the people of the town asked the fathers to send them the holy relics of  Saint Maria Magdalene.

 After they read the oratory dedicated to the saint and performed the service for blessing the water, the locusts disappeared completely. The people from Epanomi have a special gratitude for the saint  Maria Magdalene.


            And the saint has made and continues to make many more miracles with those who call her faithfully.

Source: Archim. Haralambie Vasilopoulos, Saint Maria Magdalene, ed. Orthodox Press, Kanigos 10, Athens 1984, pp. 42-45.

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