From the teachings of Pious Silouan the Athonite

· Any action before or after which you can`t say any prayer, it is better not to do it.

· All the fight is led for humbleness.

· The proud man – either fears the demons or he resembles them. But we must not be afraid of demons, only of pride and vanity as they make us lose the grace. Who speaks with the demons defiles his mind while the mind of the one who remains in prayer is enlightened by God.

· For a long time I didn`t know why I had to be sad as long as God forgave my sins. I realized that who has no sadness can`t stay in humbleness because the evil spirits inspire us pride.

· When I keep my mind in hell, my soul has peace, but when I forget about this, then thoughts which displease God come to me.

· Say: I am worse than everybody and the enemy will go away from you.

·The souls of the proud ones always suffer from demons (word received from Christ).

· Now the people have become proud and they save their souls only by grieves and repentance and very rarely someone reaches love.

· God loves the man so much that gives him the gifts of the Holy Spirit. But before the soul learns to keep the grace it passes through many storms.

· God showed a great mercy to me and He made me understand that I have to cry for my sins all my life. This is the path of the Lord. Now I am writing out of mercy for the people who are proud like me and for this reason they suffer. I am writing so that they may learn humbleness and find their peace in God. Some say that this is how it was long time ago but now all these have become obsolete; but nothing goes away when it comes to God: only we change and become bad and we lose in this way the grace.

· Oh, if we knew how the Most Holy Theotokos loves those who keep the commandments of Christ and what a great mercy she has and sadness for those who don`t change. I felt this thing on my own. I don`t lie, I say the truth before the face of God, whom my soul knows: I knew the Most Pure Virgin in my spirit. I didn`t see her, but the Holy Spirit gave me to know her and her love for us.

If it hadn`t been her mercy I would have perished long time ago, but she wanted to search me and enlighten me so that I would not sin anymore. She told me: `It is not nice for me to look at you and see what you do. Her words were nice, quiet and gentle and they worked upon my soul.

· Oh, my brothers from all over the world repent as long as it is time! God waits with mercy our repentance. The whole skies and all the Saints wait for this repentance.

· Peoples of the world I kneel before you and beg you with tears: `Come to Christ!.

. The good man thinks: `Who goes astray from truth perishes` and he feels sorry for him. But who didn`t learn from the Holy Spirit to love will not pray for his enemies. Who learnt from the Holy Spirit to love, saddens all his life for the people who don`t find salvation and sheds many tears for the people and the Grace of God gives him the power to love his enemies.

· If we want to keep the Grace we must pray for our enemies. If you don`t feel sorry for the sinner who will be tormented in hell this means that you don`t have within you the grace of the Holy Spirit and there is an evil spirit in you and as long as you are still alive try by repentance to get free from him.

· Father Silouan answered to a hermit who told him once that God would punish all the atheists and heretics who will burn into the eternal fire: `But do tell me if you are in heaven and from there you see who someone burns into the fire of hell will you have peace? What to do, when it is their sin? The hermit said. Saint Silouan told him: `Love can`t suffer this. We must pray for all people. The sin deforms the man but Grace makes him beautiful.

· Many toils and tears are needed to keep the humble spirit of Christ but without it the light of life goes away and the soul dies

· The bigger is love, the greater are the pains of the soul; the more complete is love, the more complete is knowledge; the more ardent is love, the more ardent is the prayer; the more flawless is love, the holier is life.

· You love those who cry and on the path of crying Your Saints came to You.

· Although He is meek, God leaves the soul to endure hunger because of its pride and doesn`t give it the Grace as long as it doesn`t learn humbleness.

· The grace comes from the love for our brother and it is preserved through the love for him; if we don`t love our brother, the Grace of God doesn`t come into the soul.

· Blessed is the man who loves his brother as our brother is our life.

· Pray for people. Have mercy for the people of God… Of course it is a hard thing. To pray for people is like shedding your blood… but you must pray.

·If you begin to pray to God and the demon stands against you and doesn`t let you worship Him, humble yourself and say: There is no one else worse than me on earth and in that moment the demon will perish. They fear the most humbleness, the crushing of the heart and the sincere confession.

· Remember that when the demons attack you, the Lord looks at you to see how you put your trust in Him

· It is a painful thing to recognize pride in ourselves but God leaves the proud one to struggle suffering for his weakness until he humbles himself.

· I feel sorry that people deprive themselves of such a merciful God.

· God  – a love you can never get tired of.

· Without Grace the soul is like a brute.

· Pray plainly, like a child and God will listen to your prayer.

· The soul which knew God can`t be content with anything on earth and as a baby who lost his mother he runs all the time to God and cries out : My soul longs after You and I am looking for You with tears.

· For the one who surrenders to the will of God life is much easier because when he is in sickness, poverty and persecution he thinks in this way: This is what God liked and I must endure this for my sins.

· With all our might and till the end of our life we must keep the zeal from the beginning because many lost it and they didn`t find it again. For this reason we must always remember death and if the soul is ready for death even if only partially he won`t fear it, he reaches humbleness and repentance and forgets about what it is worldly and keeps the mind undissipated  and prays with all his heart.

· When someone who was not called to teach the others teaches them despite this he saddens the great God.

· Some discuss adversarially about faith and their discussions are endless but there is no need to quarrel only to pray to God and His Mother and then the Lord will enlighten our minds.

· We are the last monks. But even now there are many ascetics whom the Lord keeps hidden – as they don`t make visible miracles  but in their souls  true miracles take place every day – but the people can`t see them.

· Father Stratonik said that there would come a time when the monks would save their souls in worldly clothes.

· God is not like us, He is meek and merciful and kind and when the soul knows Him, marvels endlessly and says : Oh, what God we have!

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