Noble ideals, good intentions

Priest Ioan Istrati

Most of the empires on earth were born with some noble ideals, with some good intentions. In fact they were some absurd conglomerates, some cancerous excrescences, built on blood, theft and death.

The Roman Empire meant civility, civilization, law, thermae, Lingua Latina, modernity, architecture, art, temples. IN fact it also meant polytheism, debauchery, terrible persecutions, decadence, perversion, blood and death.

This multinational empire which tries to suffocate the huge European nations is the same. At first sight it meant freedom, free trade, openness, rights, welfare, peace and culture. Behind the declarations are found: immorality, inequality among nations, perversion, right to death and murder, abortion, decadence, leadership not elected by anyone, meaning dictatorship, colonization.

We have been European since the times of Traianus, of the metropolitans from Tomis, of the theologians  John Cassian and Dionysios Exiguus. But we don`t idealize the imperial illusions or the dissolution of the nations which created the universal culture for the sake of a mentality of globalist slavery.

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