What`s missing? Education.

Priest Ioan Istrati

The other day I was passing by a block of flats where five young loafers were sitting on their drawers and spitting seed pods. It was noon when the people with jobs and responsibilities are at work. Before me at a few meters a very beautiful girl of about 20 years old was strutting. She was dressed decently, stylish, she was even decorous.

When the young loafers and seed pods spitters saw her they started to say a lot of obscenities. `Girl what I would do to you` and so on and one seeing she didn`t pay any attention to them, not even like to some dogs in heat, cursed her disgustingly.

This bad behavior is replicated without cease at us.  

The lack of education, the disgust, the dumbfounding of buffalo, the verbal violence, the sexualization of the mind, the behavior of ruffian, sexual harassment, the prison slang, unfortunately this is the perspective of many young people of nowadays.

The slum can never be divinized, not in a thousand years, it can only be transformed through education into a nice neighbourhood.

Until we won`t elaborate an education of common sense, of culture, of loyalty, of virginity and faith and morality and of the eternal meaning of life, we will always fall into the abyss of violence, of harassment, of animality and sin. Where did  Werther, Sigmund or the saints of the jails die?

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