The story of a donkey

One day the donkey of a peasant fell into a well. The poor animal started to bray for hours while the peasant tried to figure out what was to be done. In the end he decided that the donkey was too old and the well dried anyway and it needed to be covered. He came to the conclusion that it was not worth the effort to take the donkey out of the well.

So he called his neighbors to help him. Each one of them took a shovel and began to throw earth inside the well. The donkey understood what was prepared for him and he began to bray louder. But to the surprise of all people after a few good shovels of earth the donkey stopped braying. The peasant looked inside the well and remained shocked of what he saw.

With every new shovel of earth the old donkey did something unexpected: he shook off the earth and stepped over it. Soon all the people saw surprised that the donkey reached the edge of the fountain and jumped outside roaring.

Maybe life will throw over you earth and all kinds of difficulties.

But the secret to get out of the well is to shake off the earth and use it for climbing one step higher.

Every one of our difficulties is an opportunity to make a step ahead. We can get out of the deepest depths if we don`t give up. Use the earth it is thrown over you to go ahead.

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