The man is not strong

One of the greatest challenges the man has in this ephemeral life is getting rid of the idea that he is strong, that he is somebody, that there are many things which depend on him and without him nothing can be done

In the conscience of the man it is almost impossible to find a place the fact that his power is not his and everything which seems to him gained by him it was in fact given; for the man is very difficult to renounce at himself.

But God has uncountable ways by which He takes away from the man his powers; more precisely He takes away from him his impression that all these strengths belong to him. Very often for humbling the man Gid gives him a sickness or a spiritual burden.

He gives him a weakness so that he may leave himself to the will of the Lord, feeling that he is not in control and his life does not depend on him. Some would say, what a mean God. It is hard indeed to understand why this is His way, but whoever had a serious struggle with his self, either he was tried by a sickness or a loss or a deception, understands that the divine reason does not do anything else than to save a rotten mind, a housing which imagines he can do everything.

But when the man can`t do almost anything from what he used to do, he understands that he is like a wheat ear, bent by the wind to the earth. Then he remembers to thank Him for what he has and what he does. Then the man understands that his work in the world surpasses a lot his limited and weakened power. Only then the man chooses to relate himself correctly to his life, to the world and to his soul.

This if he does not allow his self-pride to annul any of His intentions to teach us that the only way by which the man can bloom is to wither his self, that self built far away from the essence.


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