The fasting of a five years old boy

At the age of five according to the account of aunt Alexandra, he went regularly to the Holy Liturgy and all the other holy services of the Church, communing and fasting like the mature.

In those times he was very weak and one Sunday morning his aunt tried to convince him to drink a glass of milk before going to the church. Little Eteoclis refused firmly and protested saying to his aunt the words:

`What to do at the Church with a full stomach? How will we pray? How will we take antidoron? Will we go only for hearing with our ears?`


In the same period at a new urge of his aunt to drink a glass of milk on a Wednesday morning before going to the kindergarten, Eteoclis he refused vehemently. He ran and knelt before the holy icons saying:

`My God, if my aunt will ever tell me again to drink milk on Wednesday or Friday take her voice and give her legs.(his aunt had problems with her legs)

His aunt as expected got frightened hearing this childish prayer.

Excerpt from the book Life crumbs – Archimandrite Epifanie Teodoropulos, Evanghelismos.

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