How much does it cost to remain priest until the end of your life?

Priest Alexandru Lungu

How much does it cost to remain priest until the end of your life? All the hours offered to the others, the rest and the fatigue altogether. The hearts cauterized by the fire of prayer and the confessions which saved souls found on the verge of abyss. The thousands of remembrance lists put at the Holy Table and the tears shed for a parishioner who gave up. The embraces offered from the warmth of the heart which must roar with pain for every man. The raises you witnessed and the injuries you turned into a boomerang of love.

Priesthood costs more than the money from the remembrance lists, no matter if it is much or little, the memorial services with the big bread rolls and the countless towels. From the weddings with many godfathers and the baptisms overcharged by a passion untreated at the beginning of priesthood.

Priesthood values more than the eves when we get into each other`s way and we feel we were robbed by the thief in the robe, the terrorist of the society.

Priesthood is not reduced at the houses you can build and the luxury cars you come by at a religious hallow.

Priesthood doesn`t stay in the beauty of the clothes or in the number of crosses hung at the neck.

If you tamed the hearts from the darkest souls and made a convert sinner cry, you surely were the richest priest and all the nails stuck in your body were worth it.

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