People change all the time. The expectations we have from the others are those which exhaust our peace.

It would be good if we understood that there are people who don’t want to offer. Neither thought, nor word or emotion. You are free but you don’t allow yourself to that. You still think that one of your laces is loose and you want to tie it. And you stay tied up on your own loop. But there are shoes without any laces. Or maybe it’s a time when you can walk barefoot. Give up on what it was and beware of what is going to be. You crouch yourself in front of the other or on his mat. It is not too late in you. True love cannot be controlled. You love and that’s all. From mistakes you learn, not from theories. We insist when is black or grey until it turns to white. On the inside or on the outside. We look at each other and we understand what we need without words.

You throw yourself in the sacred fire of life, you raise yourself up over the smoke of the burnt embers in your lessons. As you managed to pass over today you’ll pass over tomorrow. Rediscover values. Find the meaning of life, all the rest all details. We are pilgrims in this world on our way to the eternal citadel. There’s an invitation to calm, to hygiene of thoughts, to faith in God Who takes care of all. Live the present moment. Time, dedication, support. Get out of the box and away from the solutions of the others. Cut out the solutions which are suitable for your soul, drawn on the cardboard of your experiences.

Love grows from love not from the back turned to someone. Sometimes `a too early` may spoil everything. And it is the same with a `too late` which may nurture a  vanity. Be patient until you are ripe. And when you receive your lesson, don’t get upset. You’ll understand the message later. Let it go. Learn to go further. Life is more beautiful if you look at it from the right angle. There is no recipe of happiness. Your happiness is a smile, hers is a flower, his is a handshake, mine is a word and so on. The emotion is the same, the garment is different. What have you done for yourself, for your soul today? Do your ways take you to Christ? God puts in the bag but we need to keep it open.

My life is the encounter between my boat and the ocean of life. Disappointment and bitterness don’t overwhelm us. Failure hurts but it is not a paralyzing factor to make you unable to go on. The mistake is a temporary detour, not a blind alley. It is a teacher, not a sexton. It is a delay, not a defeat. The tears take away the pains away from distress. Some cry later, others cry earlier. But anyway we all cry. All drams have their price.  The course of life, long, troubled and colorful carry with it the message of love. A childish love in the heart of a man or a woman. You will fell its fragrance until the last day…

The joy of  man is the man. Sometimes the men want to see you crying so that by seeing yours they can make theirs seem easier. But many forget that the smile of tomorrow bears behind it the tear from yesterday…There where tears flowed, life sprang.

Good luck at the exams from the school of life! Everyone’s life is a prayer…

All the moments of life are unique. Important moments that put you to the test. Moments that made you what you are. Moments when life passes before your eyes. You can never know what expects you in the future. Not even for a moment. Ans when you know it, something changes. If something gets dirty, something else gets cleaned. If something disappears, something else shows up. If something decreases, something else increases. If something dies something else is comes to life…

We are born so that we won’t die anymore. Man, your name means Love! Have faith! Radiate! Rejoice! Smile! Ask love and it will tell you what to do. Live free in your mind at heart close to God! You won’t regret! There was a time when the sound didn’t exist, but silence always existed…

Hieromonk Hrisostom Filipescu


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