Our children, as beautiful as angels, must enter too the Church from an early age!

How nice! Joy in heaven and on earth! Mary, the child, the Holy Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ enters at the early age of three in the Temple from Jerusalem, in the Church of God. There, in the same place where much later Mary, the Holy Virgin and the righteous Joseph will find our Saviour, Jesus Christ, after three days, at the age of twelve, in the House of His Father. And He answers them:

Why were you looking for me? Did you not know that I must be in my Father’s house? (Luke 2, 49).

What a providential symmetry : the Holy Mother of God, at only three years old enters the Temple and will remain there until twelve. Jesus Christ at the age of twelve remains in the Temple for three days and `everybody was amazed of his wisdom and of His answers.` We can consider a wonderful connection between the Mother – the Holy Mother of our Lord and the Son – Jesus Christ.

Blessed Hyeronimus tells us the fact that Mary the child climbed alone the 15 steps of the Temple and afterwards she became herself a Temple of God giving birth to the Son, Jesus Christ.

What does this divine Feast of the Entry of the Most Holy Theotokos into the Temple teaches us? Our children, as beautiful as angels, whom were given to us by God as a blessing for the families of everywhere must come too in the Church from an early age. They must be baptized then at the right time they must be confessed and communed with Christ, their elder friend. The children feel the spiritual joy when they are communed with the Holy Eucharist! Thus it`s not just their parents who raise them in the family, it`s also Christ who gives them power and a lot of blessings.

Everything happens in the Church, in the divine Temple, where it is found the Holy Spirit. Where is the Holy Spirit, there is life! Our children are the life of our life!

Pr. Prof. Drd. Adrian Dobreanu

Source: http://doxologia.ro

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