Good morning, God!

`Father, said a pleasant young man, no matter what I`d do or what you`d tell me, I can`t pray in the morning.`

`I belive you and understand you. I struggled with this for a long time.`

`Look, I give you an advice I heard from Denzel Washington. Do you know the actor? Watch Fences or Training Day. He acts amazingly!

Denzel says something of this kind: Before going to bed put your phone under it so that when you wake up in the morning to be forced to kneel down to search for it. Being on your knees whisper for yourself:

`Good morning, God. Be with me until the sunset and all my life.` Or anything else you want.`

A Lord`s prayer takes you 16 seconds looking on the watch. Is it too much? I don`t know if they trick will work but at least you can try. Give the Lord your first good thought from sunrise with heavy eyes and dizzy mind and you will slowly feel that He is your best friend.`

Now between you and me: Doesn`t He deserve 16 seconds from your morning the One Who did not close an eye all night so that your heart will beat more beautifully than the song of the blackbird?`

Priest Ioan Bădiliță

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