Make them see their soul…

In the times when God and Saint Peter were walking on earth under the appearance of some bent old men leaning on their rods and with torn sandals and it happened that they knocked at the doors of people at night and many times they were driven out

Once the night caught them in the field and with it a rain which soaked their clothes and splashed them with mud. While they wandered, at a late hour they reached the edge of a village and they hardly dared to knock with therod in the gate. Big dogs rushed to tear them to pieces but a manly voice was heard immediately asking who was knocking. They answered:

`Good people!`

Then the man calmed down the dogs and he invited the two old men in the house where his wife and children had just woken up.

He began to give orders gently.

`Maria, put some kindling on fire!`

`Tudor, go to the well and bring a jug of fresh water!`

`Ileana, go and find a milk pot!`

. El a început să dea porunci, dar cu blândețe.

They gave them to wash themselves and to wipe themselves with white towels and they fed them and put them to sleep in a room where it smelled of quinces and basil.

The next day they gave them again to wash themselves, they fed them, they put some apples as they had never seen before  in their bags and wished them a good journey.

When they got out of the village Saint Peter began to ask God:

`God, do something for these people because they received us so nicely

`What would you like to do for them, Saint Peter? As you saw they were very poor!`

`Do something, do something so that they may at least see their soul.`

`To see their soul, you say, Peter?`

`Yes, Lord, to be able to see their soul as we see that poplar from there.`

`Well, Saint Peter, said God looking thoughfully at the village from the valley.`

And after some time from that family was born Mihai Eminescu.


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