How do you know that God exists?

ON a mountain way two peasants met. One of them being malicious asked the other one:

`I heard that you go often to the church and pray a lot. But how do you know that God exists?`

As if he had not heard him, the other peasant asked him :

`Tell me , do you think that our cattle went grazing?`

`Yes, of course, look at the soft earth, is full of their traces.`

`Now you look at the sun which has just risen over the hills, look at the green forest, look at you and at the people around you. All these are the traces of the Almighty God. How could all these have been made if not out of God`s love and why would He have done them if not for love? Is there any doubt about that?`

`The only truth is love. Love is that one which gives life and warmth, which inspires and guides. Love is the seal put on Creation, the signature of the Creature. Love explain the wok of His hands.(father Theoklitos)

Excerpt from The most beautiful Christian Orthodox parables and stories – Leon Magdan, Aramis Publishing– Romanian Patriarchy 1998.

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