Do not be afraid, you still have much work to do

In 1985, elder Paisios was visited at the hermitage of Saint John the Theologian by a thirty years old woman from Thasos who was sick of cancer. She was in a very serious condition and the doctors said she had very little to live. The elder made the sign of the cross over her with his cross, he prayed a little and said: `Do not be afraid, you still have much work to do. Saint Panteleimon will help you.`

Together with his blessing he gave her a wooden cross saying : `Keep it with you all the time and do not be afraid.`

When the woman returned to Thasos she went up to the Monastery of Saint Panteleimon for whom she had reverence since childhood and prayed fervently. She had inside her the confidence that as long as elder Paisios spoke to her that way she would not die. And this is what happened. IN a month she began to recover her powers and felt much better.

Her relatives insisted to go to England where she had a surgery to make new medical tests. But she had put all her hope in God and in elder Paisios. When she visited him again she asked him:

`Geronda, should I go to England again ?`

He told her:`I know your relatives are worried. If you want, go but do not be afraid of anything. Seeing she hesitated he added: `Do not be afraid, you won`t die, you will overcome death.`

Right in that moment the woman saw the face of the pious man shining as if it were lit by a strong spotlight. From that moment she gave up on the idea to go again to England and she made no other medical tests. She visited elder Paisios when he came out of the Holy Mountain to re3ceive his blessing. She was feeling she went to the best doctor and asked him about her health:

`Geronda, how do you see me?`

He always told her : `Do not be afraid, you are well.` This is what the doctor from England who was Greek told her too. This one when he came to Thasos and met her asked her surprised: `What did you do? How did you heal?` And she answered: I went to elder Paisios and Saint Panteleimon helped me too.`

Excerpt from Pious Paisios the Athonite – Evanghelismos Publishing.

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