Kisses on the forehead

A king visited his soldiers on the front. After encouraging and reassure them, he shook hands with each one. Then he asked the general to take him to the infirmary as well. Mangled, without hands, without feet, full of pus or blood, the wounded soldiers barely moved into their beds. He passed on every sick person, stretched out his hand and congratulated him. When he finished, the King turned to the general, asking, “Is there any one I have not congratulated?” “There is one more in reserve. He’s paralyzed, dumb, blind and deaf. You will not be able to shake hands with him!” The King went to the unconscious soldier’s bed, removed the blanket from his face and kissed his forehead!

Every day, early in the morning, Christ comes to visit His soldiers. He stretches out his hand, encourages them, tells them beautiful words. He cleans the tear of the orphan who is asking for bread. He kisses elders’ eyes widened of loneliness. He caresses the little one who is bullied in school by his colleagues for being a Christian. He bandages the wound of the one who suffers tremendously. He stretches out his hand to the abandoned, abused wife, the one with bruised eyes. After he greets everyone, he does another thing too: He kisses all the sinners on their forehead! The weak ones with hereditary flaws and limited talents. The falling ones. The lost ones. The losers who are playing with fire.

What king bends to kiss a vagabond, an adulterine, the person who ruins the church? What god loves the lost ones? Which of them still embraces when is kissed by a Judah? Who forgives the sinners before they ask to be forgiven?

Do not turn your back to the King. He just started his visit. Let’s prepare ourselves to offer him right now both our cheeks …

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