If you avenge yourself, you’ll be in God’s debt. If you do not avenge yourself, then God owes you

And you confess incompletely if you do these: judge, speak badly, and they are all recorded.

It’s easy to say, “Look what he did!”, but you don’t know why he did it or you don’t know his repentance. And do you not hear that God loves him more if he repents, than the one who did not fall into temptation? And what are you going to do? Because a habit has been created, and it is not good, to easily talk badly about another: “So what, I’m the only one talking like this? So what, he doesn’t deserve it? I see what he does, aren’t I? “

Brethren, there is nothing created by God, grass, anything, that can remain unknown by God. Do you think God is more interested in grass than people? Therefore, of course He is watching us. And we are asked to be charitable. If you want to be victorious: be humble and judge no one. Because this way you will be free. Otherwise not.

You live your life according to your other sins, and you do not stop judging him. You compare things. “I’m not like that!” and you compare yourself with a man you call a bastard. Why don’t compare yourself with the Apostle Peter, Paul, or St. Siluan the Athonit? Why don’t compare yourself with different known Fathers who lead a holy life? The Savior says, “Love your enemies,” the one who hurts you. As is the saying, “He told me, and I told him, and I will tell him!” Not only you do not forgive him, but you also think of revenge on him. Do you want revenge? I teach you: love and mention him in your prayers. Because if you took revenge, you’ll be in God’s debt. If you do not take revenge, God owes you, and it is better this way, and even the Scripture says, “Vengeance is Mine.”

Father Arsenie Papacioc

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