The opening of the book- witchcraft disguised as holiness

But what do you think of the priests who open the book and “predict”?

These are very condemned things. It’s a guess. Do you understand? It falls under witchcraft. To use the holy books for witchcraft is the worst thing! We have very frequent cases.
I tell them: “You are going to get married! You’re going to get married!”

Here comes a woman, with another woman, to “open their book!” “How do I open it? That’s what wizards do! It’s not allowed!”

“Yes, she says, but you opened it for me!” says the other. When I heard, I was disturbed and more not! It occurred to me to ask her: “And how did I do it?”

“You knelt down and read!” “Ah, well, I opened to read the prayer, not to guess!”

Be against these things!

Source: “Father Arsenie is speaking to us”, second edition, vol. 2, Sihastria Monastery Publishing House via

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