How do we pray ?

The man needs much patience to be able to spend time at the Holy Liturgy because it is not easy to stand still for two hours but you see to come to the church to attend the holy service Sunday after Sunday and even more than this is an experience similar with that of the people who were in prison. For these people the only possibility to survive was to deepen in their own self. They had no other place where to evade.

The interior of the man is a whole universe. You can watch the sky for hours without getting bored and the inner self of the man is like the sky…it is so huge that the man who looks inside himself cannot get bored.

The only possibility of the man to stay at the Holy Liturgy is this: to deepen within himself. This journey within your soul protects you of the temptation of boredom and renunciation. In the moment when the man leaves his inner self he starts to get bored at the Liturgy, starts to be upset by what he sees around, to watch the others and disperse his thoughts.

A traveler is not bored because in front of his eyes so many other pictures, other horizons are displayed all the time, but for a man who stays for a few hours in one place, this temptation is very big and he cannot defeat it otherwise than by looking within himself. That’s why the holy service, the Liturgy is made very carefully, it’s like an invitation to deepen into your inner self.

There God hid a gate towards eternal life, a gate towards eternity and Christ Himself says this thing:

`The Kingdom of God is within yourself!`

Who deepens within himself, who opens this gate slowly, gains peace, forgiveness, love, defeats pain, sorrow, despair.

But we have within ourselves the sky, the Kingdom which cries within ourselves which works within ourselves but you see the civilization, the thoughts, the opinions censor the voice from the depth.

They don’t say in vain that it’s good to listen to your heart because the hearts always says the truth and if you get used to speak less and listen to it more you won’t seek answers for your questions at random anymore but as the Holy Fathers say you will find them within your heart and they will bring you inner peace.

There is much silence within ourselves but the man is afraid of this silence, it scares him. Try to stay more than half an hour with the lights off and the curtains drawn alone in the dark. We are not used to this thing, with this search, with this silence, because we are extremely caught by the world where we live, attracted by TV, phone, terribly fretful and this draws us away of the Kingdom of the encounter with the Absolute Being from us.

We are less and less attentive and very insensitive at everything is around us, at the people around us, we don’t care at all about the repercussions  of our actions.

Don’t think that I criticize you, that I judge you, this judgment is first of all regarding myself since I see that it’s more and more difficult to notice the man beside me, as Christ did with any man.

How many times God comes towards us and tells us and shows us to break this recklessness, this lack of spiritual sensitivity (Who has ears to hear, let him hear)

God doesn’t sleep, He is not on vacation, He only waits for everyone. We are those who are away of Him, we came to worship ourselves and our wishes.

The greatest obstacle, the greatest mountain the man must cross, says elder Sophrony Saharov, to reach his heart is his own ego!

Human sensitivity maybe depends of the man’s education and maybe this education forms him on the outside and maybe even on the inside a little but know that human sensitivity, the sensitivity of a human heart is the work of the Holy Spirit and the solution, the antidote is to fall on our knees and long after God as we long after peace, after rest, as the man in love longs after his beloved!

Sensitize your hearts by PRAYER !

Call and receive God!

Know that in the course of time the scientists made many studies on the man who prays and they concluded that a man who prays changes the frequency of the brain and gets one between watchfulness and sleep.

The prayer helps the body to calm itself, to balance itself, to in its inner peace. Pure prayer protects has a healing effect upon the mind and the whole body…

By praying the man gains the joy of the Holy Spirit…


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