The really happy man is…

Priest Ioan Bădiliță 

We always welcomed the Sunday after the Baptism of the Lord with a bit of sadness, of nostalgia. I feel like a child who reached the end of the slide and has to climb again a high hill for living again the joy of descent.

In no other period of the year I feel God so intimate, so close, so tender. A God Who squats in the womb of a woman, a God who sleeps in a manger, Who lets Himself be contained in a teaspoon of wine, in a bottle of water, in a grain of incense, in a snowflake which falls quietly in your warm palm.

He lays the universe a tour feet. He bows before the man. He covers Himself with a Jordan full of the sins of the man. He splits the skies. He brings the Kingdom on earth. And all these because as Saint Maximus says it, loved us more than He loved Himself.

Tomorrow in all the churches will resound that : „Μετανοεῖτε!”

It is the moment of turning our eyes towards the Light and of our ears towards the Word. We have the chance, with intelligent and methanoic hearts, to make a feast from our life, from time an interval of love and from all of us a permanent liturgy. In this way we`ll understand that the really happy man is the one who is glad in every moment of Him for Him and in Him.

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