The poor man can’t save his soul without humbleness

We should love from all our heart Christ`s humbleness. We should bring Christ before us in everything we do and ask ourselves what He did here or there and do the same. He was sinless and I am only human. He suffered for my salvation and if I am not aware of that to do everything for God`s sake everywhere, at least I should try to do those for the salvation of my soul.

God showed obedience towards the man while we find it hard to show obedience for God even towards our spiritual father. If someone doesn`t humble himself, he cannot be obedient. Since the true and sincere obedience implies humbleness. This is the only way which saves the Christian of any demonic burden.

The poor man doesn`t save his soul without humbleness. On the contrary, the pride threw Lucifer and his caste out of heaven. Pride led Adam to disobedience, to verbal opposition, to his expulsion from heaven. Pride and selfishness arise like a wall and God can`t communicate with us anymore. In opposition to this, humbleness, this most holy virtue, embalms the man. The humble man is taught by humbleness how to behave with his brother.

The humble never says a tough word to sadden his brother. The humble no matter where he goes, becomes known for his virtue. That is why the great fathers who were enriched in the grace of humbleness had spiritual nobleness and with this they won the heart of everyone.

In the same way we should try to avoid being seen by people when we intend to do something good. As much as we can, we should fulfill in secret the commands of God. And God Who knows any secret work of the man and even the deepest thought he has to hide his deeds, for not being known and praised, has His plan to gratify that soul.

No deed or prayer made with humbleness is lost before God. The more someone humbles himself, the higher he goes. The more we run away of glory, the more it chases us. Many holy men tried to hide their virtue for not being praised on earth. But the more they tried to run away of the human praise, the more God made them be known and praised and honored.

And saint Isaac the Syrian says that if the man humbles himself in the depths of his soul he sees the glory of God.

Excerpt from the book The Art of Salvation published by Evanghelismos.

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