Let us do not be wicked children

Who will be attached to the Church will gain heaven. Who has the Church as a mother will have God as a Father. Otherwise we say in vain the Lord`s Prayer. Who says the Lord`s prayer must have the Church as a mother. When we come to the paragraph `and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us`, we must think if we upset someone with something and we did not apologize or if someone apologized to us for a mistake and we did not forget him. If I don`t do what they say in the prayer, it means I lie when I pray and it also means that I am a wicked child.

The one who says for real the Lord`s prayer, who forgives those who caused him troubles, difficulties, who did a wrong to him. Who does not forgive, I don`t know how he could say this prayer. Such kind of people are in a great delusion. The worst misfortune of these times is enmity. The evil heart doesn`t receive the Holy Spirit! When you are possessed by the bad memories relating to someone, the heart is filled with wickedness and the soul feels like in hell.

Excerpt  from Conscience, you tell me – Monk Proclu Nicău, Nicodim Caligraful Publishing, Putna Monastery via http://urcusspreinviere.ro.

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