`Father many worry about what`s going to be with this problem or with the other`

`Listen, now God even if He wanted, He couldn`t leave us`

`What do you mean?`

`Look, when the parents bring a child into the world , the more they strive to raise him, the more they love him and they suffer for him.

In the same way, God brought us into the world, He strived in a way and raised us and toiled away to make us be what we are. Now even if He wanted, He couldn`t leave us because He suffers for us. Only we should have some magnanimity. If we had a little magnanimity we wouldn`t lose heaven.`

`Father, you said Good God wouldn`t leave us.`

`Yes, God won`t ever leave us. We leave Him. When the man doesn`t live spiritually, he doesn`t deserve divine help.

But when he lives spiritually and he is near God he deserves it. Then even if something happened and he died he would be ready for the afterlife. Thus he gains benefit in this life and in the afterlife as well

God`s help can`t be impeded by men or devils to reach us. Nothing is difficult for God or for a saint. Only we with our lack of faith impede the extraordinary divine powers to reach us and help us. Although there is such a great power near us, because in us it prevails the human element, we are not able to perceive the divine, which surpasses all the human powers of the whole world because the divine powers are almighty.

Many times we lose hours in vain to find solutions for a problems using our lack of experience. Our head becomes like a doorbell and our eyes get tired and we can`t sleep because the devil caught us with obsessive thoughts.

In the end we find a solution then God gives us a better one we never thought about and we remain with our headache and sleepless nights. No matter how right were our opinion if we don`t put God above everything our minds becomes tired and we get headaches while the prayer with faith in God comforts us. That is why the things which are difficult to solve with our human power we should leave in the care of God and we shouldn`t rely on our human powers. And He will do what is best for us.

And for everything you want to do always say `If God wills` so that it won`t happen to you what happened to a man once. He decided to go to his vineyard to work.

`Tomorrow I am going to the vineyard` he told his wife.

`If God wills…` she said.

`If God wills or not, I`ll go anyway` he said.

The next day he left before the dawn. But on the way a heavy rain started so he had to go back home.`

The morning has not broken yet. He knocked at the door.

`Who is it?` asked the woman.

`Your man, if God wills` he said.

Excerpt from `Spiritual awakening` Elder Paisios the Athonite – Evanghelismos Publishing

Puterile dumnezeieşti sunt atotputernice – Chilia Buna Vestire (

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