The Swallows

In a story of old they say that in the ancient times the swallows didn`t know to go to the warm countries when the cold weather came and when the snow and the hard frost fell down they suffered terribly and died. Seeing that a kind man felt pity for them and started to do what he could and what he knew to teach the swallows to fly towards the East. He made them signs but the swallows didn`t understand him. He put them food on the path heading towards the East. He scared them and sent them away. But he didn`t succeed.

Then he started to pray to God to turn him into a swallow. God fulfilled his wish and turned him into a swallow who could think and feel like a human. Then the human swallow was able to make himself be understood by the swallows easily and he took them in the warm countries when autumn fell. Since then the swallows learnt to leave to the East 

May this contrived story help you understand at least a little how the eternal wisdom born from the eternal Love incarnated and made Himself man among men to bring on a new path the people perishing cause of the world`s bitterness, towards the warm countries, in the Kingdom of God, `where is no pain or grief or sigh.`

But even in the small human body The Great Lord remained what He is, Unchanged, Eternal as He was from yore in His boundless Kingdom and in His unspeakable Glory

Saint Nikolai Velimirovich

Excerpt from Why I am not an angel. Stories for spending time usefully– Sophia Publishing House, 2018.

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